Ski rental in St. Anton

Nowadays Ski rental in St. Anton is very easy.  Skis, boots, helmets or snowboards can be rented at a Ski hire in St. Anton called Sport Alber. This ski hire in St. Anton offers the newest equipement and all the brands professional skiers use. Sport Alber has the newest models of the current year. The true benefit of a ski rental in st anton: you don´t have to bring your own equipment to the mountains in Austria. At the ski rental in St. Anton you can give the equipment in custody after the ski trip. The ski hire in St. Anton will return it the very next day.

A very confortable fact on the side: At Sport Alber the boots get desinfected over night. The comfort of a warm and clean feeling while slipping into the boots is probably the best start in your day on the mountain. A ski hire in St. Anton can also be done via internet. In this case you get -10 percent on the rental price. Sport Alber, the biggest ski hire in St. Anton offers the newest models in best conditions for fair prices. You can try out as many models and brands as you want. The Staff of Sport Alber wants you to find the right model for your skills. If parents hire equipment, children rent for free during the same period.

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