Different Running Events

People who love to run often like to take part in running events as well. Registering for a particular event and then working hard to achieve goals is a great way of boosting your motivation. Different running events are also a great way to have fun as well as meet other like minded people.

Here are some of the most popular running events:

Track running
Track running events are individual or relay events. In these kinds of running events, the athletes have to race over specified distances on an oval running track. The events are classified as sprints, middle and long-distance, and hurdling. The venue for the competitions is a stadium which features an oval running track surrounded a grassy area.

Road running
Unlike the track and cross country running, road running event takes place on a calculated course over a well-known road. These types of running events normally range from a distance of 5 kilometers to longer distances such as half marathons and marathons. Large numbers of runners participate in these popular running events. It is not uncommon to see wheelchair entrants too. Road running offers a range of challenges to the participants like dealing with sharp bends, hills, varied surfaces, rough weather etc;

Cross country running
Cross country running event takes place over open or rough landscape or ground. The courses used at these running events may comprise of grass, woodlands, mud, flat ground hills, and water. It is very popular with runners and is one of the running events which, along with track and field, road running, and race walking, build up the umbrella sport of athletics. Each cross-country course for the running event is different in its framework. Distances may vary for different age groups and are based on the gender of the runners and are decided by the race directors.

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