Brisk walking burn fat faster members

Brisk walking is a">good exercise, in addition to burning calories to lose weight, but can also improve heart and lung function.

As it is fast, it is necessary to control the correct method works quickly, which can increase muscle exercise, weight loss to do more with less.

Brisk walking is the strength of the pubic area using the basin remains positive position, back straight, elbows bent at 90 degrees, swing arm feel back muscles that affect the rate of 2-3 per cent is usually taken big.

Ladder method works fast

walked, take the first 200 meters with the highest speed, then slow down and restore the resting heart rate of 400 meters, then move quickly, so be more rapid increase following each 200 m. At once to 800 meters. Repeated step walk, went to the shortest distance longest distance.

60 minutes of brisk walking can consume 555 calories each day to walk for 30 minutes, 1-2 months, you can see their slimming effect.

Maintain weight loss after exercise

choose to exercise the best interest, so that you can continue to persist, weight loss and more efficient. moving after the things that can be done easily, like a warm bath, consume 80 kilocalories, chose to read in an hour, but consume 88 kilocalories. After exercise regime taboo to eat sweets and fried foods, which can be described as a devastating blow to exercise to lose weight before. select nutritious and low in fat, such as milk, oats, fish or cucumber, tomatoes and other more beneficial for the reduction of low-calorie foods low temperature .

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