Types Of Running

Human beings have evolved from ape-like ancestors as they need to run long distances. There are several anatomical characteristics that are exclusive to humans and play a role in helping people run. In this article we will discuss various types of running which most runners participate.

Go though the following forms of running:

Casual Running
Majority of us, when we go running, go for this kind of running. We may do it casually just for the physical, social, and mental advantages of running. Casual runners generally are keen on accessibility of running. There is no need of any fancy gear and being relatively low-cost one can do it almost anywhere. People can go running for this type of running at any age, be it in their 50s, 60s, and even 70s.

Treadmill Running
One of the other types of running is the treadmill running, which is a great alternative to when you can’t go running outside. Perhaps the weather is bad or for whatever reason the treadmill running is more often than not easier than outdoor running. This kind of running is also gentler on your joints. Moreover, treadmills also let runners to change their pace, incline, and resistance, thus simulating outdoor running. They can also bring variations in their running and workouts to avoid boredom.

Some runners take pleasure in the excitement and competition of participating in road races, which are other forms of running. The majority of runners here enter races not to win but to lay a personal goal and then go running to achieve it. Some of these kinds of running races can range from 5Ks to half and full marathons. Many people even have got hooked on to the sport after training for their first road race.

Trail Running
This type of running is for those who enjoy natural panorama and peaceful environment while exercising. Trail running is a great option and usually takes place on hiking trails of different terrains, ranging from deserts to mountains. Trail runners find themselves scrambling up rocks, running through streams, or going up steep hills. The trail races take place throughout the country.

History Of Running – The Past Of Running Looked Into

Explore the history of running and learn how it developed during the times of the early ancestor of humans. Trace the origin of running to its position today.